All FilmNet idents in one Video

Published on 19/01/2018

After FilmNet turned 24 hours, they began very good and then after some time they changed their main channel to FilmNet+. Then at the end of their lifetime in Scandinavia before they became Canal+ they changed the main channel back to FilmNet but with a much worse design. FilmNet should continue on their good path becoming the action and drama movie channel.

Here is all of the FilmNet idents in one Video

Bad leadership decitions can turn something great like FilmNet upside down

FilmNet would for sure have survived if they had a different leadership back in the 1990s. It seems like profit and promos didnt match at all after a while. Renaming the main movie channel to FilmNet+ was also a quite negative thing to do. When you start to mess with something that works great and turn it to something really bad. Then you are doomed or need to try survive in hostile enviroments.

This premium tv movie channel should get the attention it had until the change to FilmNet+ for sure. ATN FilmNet which was the channel name at first began something unique and cool. They continued doing so when the channel became the first 24 hours movie channel in Europe.

Its really sad to have been a witness to the fall of a fantastic tv channel going under. The FilmNet name is still strong because of the times we all live in with Internet connections everywhere, and people do remembers the best moments of the channel until they changed to FilmNet+.

FilmNet is remembered because of their Red FilmNet logo and their awesome idents and promos

There was one promo for FilmNet+ that looked stunning right after they changed their name, but after FilmNet+ stopped showing it, FilmNet+ turned to become a very boring channel. Idents and promos for every tv channel is always vital for a tv channel survival. Just look at those tv channels with the same logo when they started and still haven’t changed until today like CNN. People always turns to them when breaking news happens while other news channels simply tries to compete by changing logo types and styles all the time.

CNN have always been truthfull to their promos and idents. They are going in the same speed as when CNN was created. The very same thing would have happened for FilmNet if they kept on having the red FilmNet logo and if they kept on showing action, drama and intense comedies they would still be loved. Also, FilmNet would have an amazing chance to hit big on the Internet movie streaming market. The name is for sure made for this.

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