CIA website was cracked in 1996 by Swedish Hackers and more on Spider at NRK2

This is more of a news bulletin for those living in Norway, because Spider was a computer program broadcasted on NRK2 in 1996. It was the first new tv channel from NRK, that launched a computer program for the younger audience. The host was pretty crazy and the camera movement made any granny fall of the chair. But.. still.. Spider is remembered as a cultural thing for many.


Spider on NRK2 computer show in 1996

In this program, people could interact with the host. He also mentioned news about CIA website that was brought back to life after it was cracked by some Swedish hackers in 1996 also. These hackers managed to change pictures and change the CIA organization to Central Stupidity Agency. Interesting thing to know. I hope that CIA have managed to create more secured website these days though.


SuneWorld on YouTube

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