Teleclub Infoshow Xtravaganza

Teleclub was one of the best movie channels for German speaking audience in the 1990s. Here we have managed to find a clip where they promote for their infoshow. It seems as it is taken from TVARK page! But is really a nice gem that is just outstanding. We love the music, the graphics and the text presenting the different movies. Teleclub was love from the very first moment that I saw it for sure.

Teleclub infoshow promo Xtravaganza

This infoshow program shows how amazing tv promotions were made from 1990 and onwards. This one is beauty. It made me want to subscribe to the channel. However, when I heard the German dubbing I knew that this isn’t a channel for me. I would need to have a English spoken tv channel for sure. But if I could understand German, then I would for sure be proud of having paid for Teleclub. This channel had style!

Bunnie Reedus on YouTube

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